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In Full Light

The original lights in the CEML operating theater were a generous donation from a hospital in Canada who had just phased them out. However, the lights had already been in service for 10 years at the time CEML opened its doors. In the nearly 20 years since then, the theater lights had lost some of their sparkle. Most significantly, the lights were experiencing difficulties in maintaining focus, as the beam would abruptly change its intensity without warning. Further to this, the manufacturer of the lighting system had been moving away from supporting that model, so as bulbs burned out it was increasingly unclear how many more bulbs could be acquired.

Fortunately, one of CEML’s partners came in to help. The Fistula Foundation generously donated money to purchase a new lighting system for the operating theaters which use LED lights. The new system was installed in 2021.

The height of the new system suits Drs. Steve Foster and Annelise Olson just fine, but taller surgeons such as Dr. Sam Fabiano need to watch their heads! The system was designed for an operating theater with 3.5 meters to the ceiling; CEML is 3 meters.

Still, even with a higher ceiling, the lights can only be retracted so high – all surgeons need to be able to reach and adjust the lights. Sorry, Dr. Sam!

CEML greatly appreciates the Fistula Foundation’s willingness to support the new lighting system. “Without that partnership that would be an expense we would have to find some other place,” Dr. Steve Foster notes. Obviously these new lights are used not only in fistula repair but for all procedures in the theaters. Partners such as the Fistula Foundation help uplift other services at CEML!

Other Projects at CEML are seeking your generous support! Learn more on our Projects page!

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