About CEML

God has called us to serve the poorest of the poor in Angola.

Our patients have no other access to medical care. While we charge small fees, we will not turn any patient away.

We share our gift of service with Christian men and woman who come here for their surgical residency. They will see cases they would never see in North America. Their medical knowledge will be tested, as they do not have access to the resources of North America hospitals.

We also share the opportunity to serve to Christians world-wide. The financial commitment is high, but when we work together, we accomplish all God has called us to.

Our Mission:

Restoring Health. Providing Hope through Christ.

Our Vision:

As a church-related health care institution we seek to provide medical services for an estimated 50% of Angolans who currently have no alternative coverage. 

Our History

Dr. Steve Foster, a missionary kid, was challenged to serve the great need in Angola. His vision included a central hospital in southern Angola that would serve as a base for remote clinics which would serve hard to reach regions. Opening in 2006 CEML (Centro Evangélico de Medicina do Lubango) has served over 57,000 new patients. The 53-bed acute care facility includes a 24 hour emergency ward, 7 consulting rooms and treatment area, administration, lab and x-ray with digital capability, 2 O.R. theaters and a large ward with 8 semi-private beds. Learn more about the future of our hospital, and how it will grow over the coming years.

Position Available

CEML is interviewing for the Director of Media. This position includes resource development, support for communications,
photos and web management.

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