A Father’s Love…

October 15, 2015
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November 2, 2015
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A Father’s Love…

Francisca Paulina is a shy 17 year old girl who was married when she was just 15. It didn’t take long before Francisca was expecting her first child. Her labour began at home, but the family became concerned when the labour continued but no progress was being made with the delivery.

Two days later they decided to take her the hospital in Matala. They took a 2 hour taxi ride to the small town. Upon arrival at the hospital, it was discovered that Francisca’s baby had died. A C-section was performed on the third day of labour and the deceased child was delivered.

The damage to Francisca’s body was extensive. The baby’s head had been stuck for 3 days on the bladder-urethral junction and she began to leak urine.

Her young husband left her and now is with another woman.

Francisca’s father, who was with the military and stationed in another city, heard about his daughter’s condition and brought her to the CEML hospital. Sadly, her father blames himself for the trauma his daughter experienced. He tells us, “this would not have happened if I had been there.”

Although the surgery was difficult due to the position of the fistula, it was successful. Francisca was transformed physically and emotionally through CEML’s service. Both father and daughter went home very happy.

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