November 23, 2022

Melhorar a qualidade de vida: Cuidados Paliativos na CEML

At CEML, nurse Irene Westendorp had observed a need. Patients who had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses were often discharged to face the world alone. Should […]
20 de junho de 2022


When Emerlinda came to CEML the 6-year old had already been vomiting up blood for days. Other medical professionals had been unable to diagnose her condition. […]
27 de abril de 2022

Perspectivas de uma Pandemia

The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us, but two years after cases were first reported in Angola, many friends of CEML may be wondering how […]
28 de março de 2022

"Uma Luz Brilhando na Escuridão."

That is how Dr. Sam Chen has described his experience volunteering at CEML. Since his first visit in 2017 Sam has resolved to place his expertise […]
10 de março de 2022

Em Plena Luz

The original lights in the CEML operating theater were a generous donation from a hospital in Canada who had just phased them out. However, the lights […]
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