Hope Fund

Please, help us. Don’t force us to turn a suffering child away. Your gift of $25 makes all the difference.

This tiny infant, just one-month old, is suffering.

Her mom and dad knew it. They watched as the baby looked blankly, not focusing on her mother’s face. Desperate, they made their way to CEML. They had heard the hospital would help – even if they could not pay. Though the fee was only $25 – it was almost a month’s wages.

But we will not turn them away.

With your help, we will treat these children. Please, give a gift to the CEML in Angola today. Save the life of a child.

NOTE: We did not turn this little babe away. She received an eye exam and we learned that while she could see and respond to light, her eyesight was severely compromised. She was diagnosed with an illness called microcephaly, meaning her brain was underdeveloped. We can now move forward with the proper treatment.

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